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I enjoy creating artworks that blend both sculptural and functional elements. Hopefully, my pieces bring you joy as well!

From an early age, Lisa's keen eye for detail led her to explore the intricate nuances of organic textures, landscapes, and wildlife. Diligently documenting her observations in crafted journals of drawings and paintings, she found solace in the art of expression.


Yet, it was the serendipitous encounter with clay, sourced from the tranquil riverside near her childhood home, that truly ignited her passion. Entranced by the limitless potential offered by clay's adaptability in size and surface quality, Lisa found a medium perfectly suited to translate her surroundings into tangible forms.


Driven by curiosity and a deep appreciation for the rich historical legacy of ceramics, Lisa pursued formal education in the Ceramics Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts upon graduation, she embarked on her professional journey as a practising studio artist while also supervising ceramic programming with Wildflower Arts Centre in Calgary.


Today, Lisa continues to cultivate her artistic practice in Calgary, where she dedicates herself to the creation, exhibition, and impartation of her craft to others. Deeply connected to her enduring respect for the natural world, Lisa draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of the mountain landscape and its enchanting critters that envelop her.


Apart from her studio pursuits, Lisa delights in spending quality time with her beloved family, as well as her cat and two spirited terriers.


Although born in London, Ontario, Lisa has since forged her home in the vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta, since 1989, where her creative spirit flourishes amidst the beautiful landscapes of the Canadian West.

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